Announcing Virtual Range 1.0 for Mac OS X

I am pleased to announce version 1.0 of Virtual Range, my rocket simulator for Mac OS X. Virtual Range can simulate the flight of a rocket model in real time (on sufficiently powerful CPUs), and tell you if it is stable. It will also record the maximum altitude and acceleration, and the time until apogee. All this is very important information if you have built a rocket and want to know what kind of engine you should put in it. Virtual Range estimates the aerodynamic forces acting on the rocket in flight using the US Air Force DATCOM drag methods and Barrowman’s center of pressure method. The simulated flight is displayed with basic, but accurate graphics. This project could not have been completed without the help of Greg Lyzenga and the Rocketry Organization of California. If you have a Macintosh with a G5 or Intel Core CPU, check it out at Ballistic Aerospace Technologies: Virtual Range.

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  1. Dick's Rocket Dungeon Says:

    New sim program: Virtual Range 1.0 for Mac OS X…

    Matt Wronkiewicz announces the release of a new simulator, Virtual Range 1.0 for Mac OS X. The program computes stability using the US Air Force DATCOM and Barrowman methods. It records maximum altitude, acceleration and time to apogee, and the flight …